fareENOUGH Key Principles

  • Quick Payback: With a systematic, but flexible approach adapted to the situation of each engagement, typical measurable client payback is less than 9 months.
  • New Insights: We deliver new value to our clients not just through a rigorous process and complete familiarity with the background, but because of the new insights we provide into what makes each client individually successful.
  • Vertical Flexibility: We are able to approach each situation at the level of greatest impact, wherever that may be, between the highest-level strategy and the most detailed project execution.
  • Case Specificity: Being able to clarify the relationships between conditions and results, we enable our clients to succeed where others have failed, or to avoid costly, otherwise unexpected missteps.
  • Well-Balanced Solutions: Lasting and meaningful results are built on using to our advantage the laws governing these four key dimensions: industry practices, strategy , technology, and quantitative economics.
  • Alignment: Opportunities to add value exist whenever any business’s actual practices are not aligned with each other in regards to the four key dimensions.