fareENOUGH 'Virtual CIO' Program Builds Framework for Skybus Airlines' Hugely Successful Launch

fareENOUGH, LLC, a specialized information technology consultancy serving the airline industry, today announced the successful conclusion of Skybus Airlines' hugely successful launch using fareENOUGH's unique "Virtual CIO" program.

The fareENOUGH Virtual CIO program is designed to provide a highly focused set of consulting resources at the executive level, especially suitable for an airline start-up or transformation. In Skybus's case, fareENOUGH consultants' specialized knowledge and experience in airline reservations, airport infrastructure, airline web/internet technologies, network infrastructure, onboard automation, and airline maintenance systems provided just some of the flexible framework components that had to be put in place on a critically short timeframe all while supporting Skybus's long-term strategic plan.

"We wouldn't be where we are today without fareENOUGH's expertise in airline technologies"
Bill Diffenderffer
CEO, Skybus Airlines
Fortunately, Skybus management already had a very clear strategic vision for the airline. The Skybus model differed in numerous ways from traditional airlines: extreme automation to maintain an ultra low cost structure; 100% Internet sales; ancillary revenues fundamental to profitability; lightning fast aircraft turnarounds; no customer call center; and a point-to-point route structure. Given this clear strategic direction from Skybus, fareENOUGH principals were able to build a sufficiently flexible infrastructure to support that vision while still executing under severe time constraints.

"Skybus Airlines' highly automated low-cost business model was a perfect match for the Virtual CIO program," said Curt LaMontagne, Principal Technology Strategist for fareENOUGH. "Skybus has automated and outsourced everything possible to increase operational efficiency and flexibility -- so why not apply these strategic principles from the very start?"

In order to support Skybus's ancillary revenue model, fareENOUGH was able to leverage Navitaire's powerful new New Skies® reservations system to support supply chain integration all the way from outside vendors through to the reservations stack. This was achieved by creating and implementing an "InfoPipe" broker architecture between the Navitaire system and the disparate internal and external vendors.

Finally, Skybus itself was almost too successful -- the airline achieved its milestones in record time, including the fastest FAA certification ever undertaken. Information technology had to scramble on more than one occasion to keep up with the frenetic pace.

Having completed its successful launch, Skybus is now moving toward a more traditional CIO role and structure as it transitions from startup to established ultra low cost carrier.

"We wouldn't be where we are today without fareENOUGH's expertise in airline technologies," said Bill Diffenderffer, Skybus CEO. "The Skybus business model is driven by technology, and fareENOUGH's consultants not only understood precisely what we were trying to accomplish; they created innovative solutions we hadn't yet considered, but were just what we needed."

About fareENOUGH, LLC: fareENOUGH, LLC is a boutique consultancy servicing the airline, travel, and transportation industries with strategic technology consulting, project management, and software development services.

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About Skybus: Skybus, the next generation of low-fare airlines, provides nonstop service on full-size jets from its base in Columbus, Ohio, to cities throughout the United States. Skybus offers outrageously low fares -- starting with at least 10 seats at $10 on every flight.

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