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22-Feb-09NetJets and fareENOUGH complete US and European maintenance system migration
14-Apr-08Rockwell Collins International implements fareENOUGH Quantified Valuation Model (fQVM) for strategic analysis of on board automation market potential
15-Aug-07fareENOUGH 'Virtual CIO' Program Builds Framework for Skybus Airlines' Hugely Successful Launch

We provide strategic technology consulting, IT project management, and software development to the airline, transportation, and affiliated industries.

 Why It Matters

Despite rumors to the contrary, we believe technology is inescapably intertwined with strategy, and we specialize in helping organizations use that technology in smart ways.

The airline transportation industry can no longer rely on its historically cyclical nature — the industry has undergone permanent disruptive change, and those who prosper will be those who are adaptive to this more turbulent environment.

Information technology affects every stage of the value chain in this new model. Whether choosing to strategically focus on differentiation or cost, broad customer scope or narrow, the one absolutely required core competency must be the innovative and efficient use of IT.

Our consultants have decades of experience in airline consulting and technology. We have particular depth in airline reservation and GDS systems, airline websites and web services, electronic flight bags and airline automation, wireless networking, flight operations, mobile computing, and IP telecom. If you think we may be able to assist you, please contact us.

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