Measurable and Lasting Successes

For the past decade, at fareENOUGH we are proud to have delivered, cost-effectively, success after success, through a broad base of knowledge and methodologies in core business management, operations-enabling IT solutions harnessing, and core business analytics.

tab1image Technology is inescapably entwined with strategy, so through consulting, project management and software development, we specialize in helping organizations use technology in smart ways that contribute to their business goals.

Our holistic solutions are built upon fareENOUGH's depth of expertise in specific areas such as: reservations/GDS; websites and web services; flight deck/cabin automation; infrastructure design and operation; flight operations; organizational design; mobile computing; voice/data communications.

tab2image Our principals and consultants have decades of experience helping airlines succeed through the smart use of technology. While we've often worked with startup airlines, we've also helped many large established carriers with business model changes and turnarounds.

From reservations and GDS systems to websites and web services, electronic flight bags, airline automation, wireless networking, flight operations, mobile computing and IP telecom, our expertise spans present and future challenges. Our virtual CIO/CTO services allow carriers to leverage the skills of seasoned airline CIOs and CTOs to help guide your organization.

If you're looking to use technology as a strategic tool, fareENOUGH’s Quantitative Operational Methodology (fQOM) produces value based solutions with answers that adapt to changing market conditions and business strategies. Take a look at fQOM as one example of what we can do for your organization.

tab3image fareENOUGH provides clear strategic guidance for major airport initiatives in an ever-evolving world.

We can answer the risk/benefit questions of investing scarce resources in specific areas such as: multi-user environments; airport websites and web services; public/private networking infrastructure and management; automatic vehicle tracking; RNP approaches, contract management, wireless networking; environmental concerns; FIDS; and telephony systems.

With the introduction of fQOM, our quantitative methodological approach encompasses all facets of these topics, making tractable what previously were intractable economics aspects of aviation infrastructure; ultimately, our unified quantitative approach leads to more reliable and specific insights on strategic airport issues at a cost and time advantage to the client.

tab4image Our decades of experience in complex transportation operations, economics and technology gave us the tools to help suppliers navigate the marketplace. We can help you position a new product, revamp an existing one, create new intellectual assets or channel existing ones.

Wondering how your customers value your product compared to your competition?

We can provide the answers you need. Our team has global expertise in areas as varied as avionics to advanced navigation aids to total product support options. fareENOUGH’s Quantitative Operational Methodology (fQOM) extends to operationally and economically relevant issues faced by developers of technology-based solutions for the transportation space.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can optimize your opportunities.

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We wouldn't [have made the fastest airline launch in FAA history] without fareENOUGH's expertise in airline technologies

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Knowledge-Built Insights

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Timing and Features Valuation for Reservation Systems Selection

Reservation system selection is strategically critical, and inevitable, for any passenger transportation provider.

Timing issues inevitably arise due to interaction of the systems options considered with the operator’s environment, the condition of the incumbent solutions, financial and contractual constraints, and the evolution of system’s capabilities.

By applying fareENOUGH’s proprietary quantitative methodology (fQBM) to the situation, we can compare the importance of the decision timing to the capabilities of the selection, making it possible to optimize both timing and scope, or harmonize them with other requirements, maximizing returns to the operator.


Traffic Data Valuation from In-flight Passenger Connectivity

Airline executives regularly face adoption decisions for new technologies such as in-flight passenger Internet connectivity. Key decisions factors include timing, aspects of possible functionality to privilege, and marketing/sales of the ensuing services.

Often, the inability to base decisions on from available data and an understood framework results in too cautious or too generic approaches, which may prove problematic later.

By applying fareENOUGH’s proprietary quantitative methodology fQBM only to already available traffic and travel data, it is possible to obtain quantitative, readily actionable answers tailored to an individual airline and its customers.

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